Nokia Lumia 625


Another week, another Lumia. This latest grenade thrown by Nokia in its continued assault on the smartphone market is the Lumia 625.

The 625 is everything we’ve come to expect from Nokia, especially its lower-end Lumias: it’s simple, colorful and fun. The phone is just a basic black, square slab when disrobed, but much like the 620, it’s the polycarbonate shell wrapping the back and sides of the device that gives it personality. Up front is a single pane of Gorilla Glass 2 that curves ever so slightly at the edges to meet the thin black rim that holds it in place. Behind it sits the 4.7-inch display with a few millimeters of bezel on each side. The standard Windows Phone back, home and search soft keys sit below the screen, with a small grey Nokia logo and front-facing camera above. A tiny, almost unnoticeable nick on the bottom edge of the thin peripheral rim identifies the microphone



  • Colorful
  • unnoticeable
  • standard Windows Phone back

September 11, 2013 7:17 am


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